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Antrim Community Church is proud to offer a children’s ministry giving your child amazing Biblically sound, Gospel focused teaching with incredible application, activities and more. We are looking forward to seeing the children grow in the knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
A Big Announcement for Spark Students: May 24, 2020
Hey Spark Kids,
We have some REALLY BIG, SUPER-DUPER, AMAZING news! Are you ready for it???
On June 7th, we are going BACK TO CHURCH!!! We will have children’s church during the 10:30 service.
We have missed you all so much, and we cannot wait to see you. We are looking forward to an awesome summer as we learn about God together. Did we mention we are excited?!? We are SO, SO, SO, SO excited!

Since we will be back together in a little over a week, now is the perfect time to work on memorizing the books of the Bible! I will post the “Books of the Bible” songs in the links below, along with a printable list. Don’t forget you can also find a list of the books of the Bible in the front of your Bible. We still have giant candy bars for all of you who can say all 66 books of the Bible. The list below is split into 7 different colors. If you learn just one color per day you will know all of the books of the Bible in only 7 days! You can do this!!!
We are counting down the days until we see you AT CHURCH,

Mr. Samuel and Miss Heather


Books of the Bible – New Testament

Books of the Bible Printable



A Lesson for Spark Students: May 10, 2020

Hey Spark Kids,


We miss you all so much! We are praying for you, and we are looking forward to being together again. It is going to be SO GREAT to see all of you again!


It is time for a new video from our series called “PHILIPPIANS – WHERE DOES JOY COME FROM?” Join us today for “Philippians 1:3-6”, as we learn more about the book of Philippians and joy. Don’t forget to answer the questions at the end of the video!


We would love to hear from you! Tell us what you learned from the video “Philippians 1:3-6”, or just tell us what you have been up to. You can send us a note at


Don’t forget to check out all of the awesome videos for kids (like our “What’s in The Bible” series) on RightNow Media. If you don’t have an account yet, ask your parents to use this link  to set up an account.


We miss you!

Mr. Samuel and Miss Heather
A Lesson for Spark Students: March 29, 2020


Hello Spark Students and ACC Family,


We still miss you all so much, and we wish we could all be together today. But since we cannot be together for our lesson and game, we thought you all might want to learn and play with us from your own homes!

Here’s how:

  1. Start video below.
  2. Pause video after we show you how to find today’s lesson. (If you need help with          RightNow Media, see “How To” video below)
  3. Watch your lesson on RightNow Media. (What’s in the Bible” Vol. 1)
  4. Restart video and see if you can “Beat the Yeti”
  5. Send us an email at to let us know how you did, tell us something fun you did this last week, and if you have any prayer requests.

We hope you all have a wonderful week. Watch for another lesson next week.

We love and miss you all,

Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Heather Simmonds 


Note: Don’t have any young kids at home? No worries, you can join us anyway. We would love for you all to see what we are learning in our children’s program.

If your family doesn’t have an account at RightNow Media yet, here is a super helpful “how to” video with Samuel & Heather:

If you have any RightNow Media, please send questions to






A letter from our Children’s Ministry Leaders: March 22, 2020


Good Morning Spark Students (and everyone else),

This is a great day that the Lord has made. We would probably like it even better if this Corona Virus wasn’t around, but we can trust that the Lord works all things together for good!

Normally we would be meeting downstairs for our Spark program (children’s church) learning about what comes after all the kings of Israel, but as you know, we can’t all learn together right now. Hey that’s alright though, we are working on a way we can learn “together,” but not in the same place. We have some big plans that we are hoping to roll out this week. When we say “roll out” we don’t actually mean “rolling” like down a hill, more like we’ll be announcing our new plans in a video, hopefully later this week. So, tell your parents to keep checking the church website and/or follow us (SPARK) on Facebook and Instagram (@sparkkidsacc).

Until then we would like you to work on memorizing the books of the Bible. Yes, that even means singing our Books of the Bible song, you know the one! To make it easier we posted the link for you! Don’t forget about the prizes that we have for you if you can say all 66 books of the Bible! For this week let’s just start with the first 10 books. You can find them listed in the front of your Bible, but I will also post a list for you. Start today and get those first 10 books memorized!

We are really missing all of you, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon and having lots of loud, crazy, fun. For now, keep watching for that update, and Please, Please, PLEASE work on memorizing the Books of the Bible!

We love and miss you all.

Love & Prayers

Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Heather Simmonds